I. Personality Development

  • (i) The College will hold Tests on monthly basis and Qualifying Tests in the eve of the final examination. For the interest of students for making excellency in the final examination, special classes will be taken with special cares.
  • (ii) The College will organize seminars on different topics for bringing advance knowledges among the students. Besides literary competitions, debate & symposyums, quiz competitions & etc. will be arranged once a week for each event.
  • (iii) The college authority will arrange awareness programme on character building, personality development and free counseling.

II. Educational Tours/Excursions:
The College will arrange Educational Tours/Excursions for the interested students in the month of December, perhaps many tour programme may arrange for the interested students for bringing advance knowledges of the outer environment among the students.

III. College Magazine:
The college authority will publish an annual magazine comprising of different type of articles collecting from the students, teachers and others.

IV. Wall Magazines:
There will be a Monthly Wall Magazine.

V. Bulletines / Gazzattes:
The college will publish a Bulletine/Gazzatte in the title with REIMALIE GAZZATTE, comprising special & interesting news bulletins of various subjects and news paper cuttings modifying time to time.

VI. Scholarships:
College will help to the Merit/SC/OBC/ST students for availing scholarships from the concerned Govt. authorities.

VII. Blood Donations:

The college will encourage the student society to donate blood as humanitarian service to the society.

VIII. Festivals & Celebrations:
COLLEGE FUNCTIONS: The College will observe its foundation day on every 3rd June in the joy as memory of the establishment day.

IX. Teachers’ Day:
The College will encourage the student society of the college to celebrate 5th September as the Teacher Day programme in connection with the Birth Anniversary day of Dr. Sarbapalli Radha Krishnan.

X. Other Functions:
The college will observe the 26th January as the National Republic Day, 15th August as the National Independence Day, Saraswati Puja and etc. in the college.

XII. Library Facilities:
The college has a rich library with different types of books and journals for facilitate the students. Students can take a text books, reference books from the library for a week.

Pedagogy subjects Offered:

  • (i) Social Science
  • (ii) MIL/Language (Assamese/Bodo/Bengali/English/Sanskrit)
  • (iii) Mathematics
  • (iv) Science

N.B. :- Students can take any two pedagogy subject from the above. Adding to that, ICT, Physical Education and Art Education are the compulsory for all students.